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  • How do I hire you to cater a meal?
    A. You can simply email us at Tell us the date of your event, the location address of your event, and the approximate number of guests you’re expecting. We will check the date and get back to you quickly. We prefer to handle all event details via email instead of phone calls because we have a written record we can refer to. Feel Free to also fill out the Plan Your Event Form on our website as well. B. Next step: If your date is available on our catering calendar, we will send you our menus and service pricing guide. (Please note: the menu pricing does not include tables, table covers, workers, drinks, dinnerware, delivery, or sales tax.) Feel free to contact us with any questions; or we’d be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss your needs. C. Send us the list of food/beverages you would like to serve at your event. We will create an estimate that prices the food/beverage, workers, delivery, dinnerware, sales tax. Once approved, this estimate becomes our contract with you. Depending on the size of your event, we may require a deposit to secure the date. Please note: Prices listed on our menu are the “per person” price for each item. These prices are based on ordering the same menu for the entire group. If you want to order a la carte for your group - meaning if you want to order a few of several items for the larger group, there will be a $3-$5 per person service fee. Ordering a la carte requires much more labor. D. Once you’ve approved the estimate, we put this event on our catering calendar. E. 7 days prior to your event, you will email us your final headcount. F. The Monday before your event, we will email you a QuickBooks invoice which you can pay online with a debit/credit card or ACH bank transfer; you may also hand a check or cash to the person delivering your food the day of your event. G. The day of your event, depending on the number of guests and amount of food/drink, we will arrive 2 hours to 30 minutes prior to the start of your event to setup the food/drink. If you’ve hired workers to stay for the event, they will ensure food/drink is replenished, pre-bus tables, break down & box leftovers (*see note below) for you to keep. If you haven’t hired workers, after setup, you can let the delivery people know what time they should return to break down. *NOTE: Due to our escalating costs for aluminum pans and lids, we are no longer providing these for free. If you’d like us to provide pans for leftovers, you will need to let us know and we will have to charge for these. Right now, our cost is about $4.50 for a pan and lid.
  • What types of service do you offer?
    A. Self-service buffet: We set up chafing dishes, platters, serving utensils, drink station with pitchers or dispensers, ice bucket, ice scoop. Your guests walk through the line and serve themselves. B. Full-service buffet: We set up chafing dishes, platters, serving utensils, drink station with pitchers or dispensers, ice bucket, ice scoop. Your guests walk through the line and our workers plate the food and hand your guest the plate at the end of the line (Cafeteria style). C. Plated meal: We put the food on plates and workers deliver it to your guests at their tables. We also offer tableside drink service. *Service availability will depend on your location facilities and group size. D. Boxed Meals: We plate your meal in a 3-compartment Styrofoam to-go box and bring it to your location. We are happy to use alternate materials for the to-go boxes, but the per person price will be higher.
  • Event Workers
    If you want our workers to stay at your event to replenish your buffet during service, serve your guests, or other duties, the cost per worker begins at $110 each. If you want to hire our workers, we require you pay for 1 worker per 50 people for self-service buffets. Cost per worker will depend on the type of service you are wanting; and will be configured into your estimate.
  • What types of dinnerware do you use?
    A. Chinette paper plates, plastic utensil packets with fork/knife/salt/pepper/napkin, opaque 9 oz. cups (least expensive option). B. Clear acrylic plates, white plastic utensils, paper napkins, clear 9 oz cups. C. White acrylic plates, metal-look plastic utensils, linen-like napkins, clear 9 oz cups. D. Glass rental plates, metal utensils, linen napkins, glass goblets---this requires additional fees for rental procurement and workers for gathering/rinsing/restacking dinnerware (most expensive option). E. Alternative disposables - we can special order bamboo, palm leaf, or biodegradable paper plates and corn cellulose or wood utensils, corn cellulose cups. The cost for this is higher than other styles of disposable dinnerware.
  • What does my venue/event location need for you to cater there?
    A. Running water B. Covered area for food preparation/staging area C. Electricity and Lights D. Garbage Cans E. Six Foot Tables or comparable tables for food/drinks - we have a limited number of 6-foot tables available to rent. Note: we do not provide table covers for any tables unless specifically requested; and we will need to rent these. There is an administrative fee to procure rental tablecloths, as well as the fee for rental and delivery F. Air conditioned or heated area accessible to catering staff if your event takes place during exceptionally warm or cold months G. Tables and Chairs for your guests to sit H. Van access for loading/unloading food, drinks, equipment.
  • What if I need to cancel my booking?
    If a cancellation is made less than 72 hours prior, you may be liable for 100% of the catering cost.
  • Why is catering more expensive than going to a restaurant?
    Essentially, we are creating a restaurant for you, for one meal, one time. We must deliver everything to you (vehicles to maintain, travel time), set up the food and drink in our catering equipment, bring in all dishes, glassware, etc., and service staff – all just for you and your guests, and return everything to where it started. None of these costs are part of the restaurant scene.
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